Quartzite is a natural stone. Quartzite, in its cycle of formation, is a sandstone in its initial days that transforms under heat and pressure over several years to evolve into a stone that resembles marble to a certain extent. However it is stronger than marble and hence lower manitenance. Quartzite should not be confused with another popular flooring material quartz. Quartz is a factory made engineered stone in which small pieces of stones like granite are bounded together with resins to create slabs while Quartzite is a natural stone obtained from quarries and then cut into slabs in factories. 

Quartzite when polished display marble like grains. It can be used in flooring, kitchen counter tops, platforms and wall cladding.

Unpolished or rustic finsihed quartzite can be used in outside areas like landscaping, sitouts etc. It can also be used in teh interiors to create a rustic look & feel.