Frequently Asked Questions

Customised homes in an information website that provides Relevant information and access to resources for building or remodeling your own home

A typical property search portals provide you with information about ready build homes available in the market.


CUSTOMISEDHOMES.COM helps you in building or remodeling your own home

Your Home should be a mirror of your personality. Everyone yearns & earns for that ultimate abode that reflects ones tastes , choice, emotions & personality. A Home is a place where a person can feel attached to the brick and mortar walls in such a way that one starts living with the home rather than living in the home. 

Such a home becomes a reality when you are involved with the creation all along your own home. 

However , a person who intends to either build his own house or remodel an existing one, has to go through a lot in finding the right location (plot of land), house plans, finishing materials, designers & consultants, applicators & contractors etc. He suffers from huge Information asymmetry when it comes to knowledge and understanding about the relevant bye-laws & regulations, optimal cost of materials & manpower. He also suffers from data overload and problem of plenty when it comes to selection of right interior finishes. To add to that, there is very little organized information available in public domain and whatever little that exists is generic and in most cases, of no or little relevance, leading to increased dissonance in the mind of the aspiring self home builder.

A person looking to build his own home or to modify his own home to his taste & personality requires relevant information and organized & structured access to the resources required for building a customised home. CUSTOMISED HOMES SOLVES THIS PROBLEM BY PROVIDING ALL THE RELEVANT INFORMATION REQUIRED THROUGH OUT THE ENTIRE LIFECYLCE OF BUILDING OR RENOVATING  YOUR HOME ,IN A STRUCTURED MANNER., through its 4 Sections: PLOT GALLERY; HOUSE PLANS ; INTERIOR FINISHES & ORDER A HOME , is conceived to be a SINGLE WINDOW for providing all the information and resources required throughout the lifecycle of  building your own house starting from

  • helping you buy a Residential plot,
  • helping you with multiple options of free house plans for your plot,
  • connecting you with the right Architect for further customization & execution,
  • helping you in selection of interior finishes materials
  • finding the vendors & best deals , and
  • finding contactors to execute the job.

However, we have started with the 'HOUSE PLANS' section and will be soon rolling out the other sections as well.


A customised home need not be build from the scratch as per your taste. Even if you have a constraint of buying a readymade house like a flat or an apartment where you cannot make structural or planning changes, you can still decorate / remodel / renovate the home to your style or taste. helps you in remodeling  / interior decoration of you apartment by

  • providing you detailed Gyan on type of finishing materials available like Flooring ( vitrified tiles, stone, wooden etc. ), Wall FInishes ( Paints , Wall Paper etc. )
  • pictures and other details of each material & brand,
  • helping you visualize how the material looks in room settings similar to that of yours,
  • guiding you to vendors and the deals offered by them on selected material
  • Our estimating tool helps you to see how selecting a material would impact your overall budget 
  • We also provide detailed information about the contractors and applicators to execute the interior works of your apartment.

NO, as of now we only provide information about the service providers & materials / products and their manufacturers and vendors.