Sanitary fixtures primarily consists of Toilet seats , wash basins , Flushing systems, Urinals and related accessories. Fixtures that allow collection and disposal of waste water from the toilet after its use can be categorized as Sanitray ware. Modern sanitary ware is designed not only for its basic functionality, i.e. collection and disposal of water & wastes, but also for aesthetics and efficient space utilization. Higher end sanitary ware come as complete sets of toilet seats and basins designed with similar design language. However one can also mix and match fixtures of different series and even brands to get the desired look.   The major type of Sanitary Fixtures are:

Two broad categories of Toilets based on the way they are used are Squat Toilets & Sitting Toilets.

Squat Toilets, also commonly known as Indian toilets, are installed at the floor level and needs squatting for using it . Sitting Toilets, also commonly known as Western Toilets, are more like seats used in a sitting position.

Toilet Seats or Sitting Toilets can be categorized based on their shape, mould, functionality & use pattern, flushing, installation type etc.

 Most common categories of Toilet Seats are:

The standard functional rectangle shaped ceramic wash basins have evolved into art pieces that can exponentially add to the aesthetic value of your bathroom. Various types of wash basins available in the market are  :